LLM Data Protection:
Enterprise Compliance

Powering Enterprise AI Adoption with Real-Time Data Security and Privacy Protection

Our Offerings

Advanced Data Protection Suite

Elevate your workforce with Wald, utilizing AI-powered intelligent data protection solutions

Prevent Data Leaks

Safeguard your company's sensitive data effortlessly with the Wald Secure Prompt Connector. Our tool discreetly conceals information as needed, streamlining your workflow and ensuring peace of mind.

Flexible LLM Access

Allow Wald to smartly route your prompt to the best suited LLM or choose your own

Comprehensive Data Security

Zero data retention with 100% trusted encryption

Ensure Full Regulatory Compliance

Protect customer, partner and trade secrets from leaving your organization. Set enterprise policies and view audit logs

Who are we?

We're a team of senior engineering and product leaders with a proven history of launching and scaling successful products from companies like Google, Amazon, Adobe and Paypal. We aim to reshape the way privacy, security, and compliance are managed for Generative AI. Our expertise is fortified by academic excellence from institutions such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Buffalo, and CMU. We are experts in Gen AI, cybersecurity, cryptography and distributed systems. Join us as we chart a transformative journey to reimagine the future of security and compliance for LLMs.


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