Experience Conversational AI with
Ultimate Data & Privacy Protection

Wald.ai connects enterprise users to cutting edge AI assistants while ensuring robust data protection and regulatory compliance

No LLM Lock-in

One App, Multiple Assistants

  • Access models like ChatGPT 4o, Gemini 1.5, Claude3 & more ...
  • Securely ask queries, generate code, or upload documents
  • Create and collaborate with internal knowledge assistants
One App, Multiple Assistants
Your Data Security Co-Pilot

Total Data and Identity Protection

  • Human-like sensitive PII and trade secrets detection
  • Intelligent data substitutions to prevent data leakage
  • Anonymize your personal and enterprise identity
Total Data and Identity Protection
Compliance with Confidence

Full Regulatory Compliance

  • Protect conversations using your encryption keys
  • Set your custom data retention policy
  • Comply with HIPAA, GLBA, CCPA, GDPR and other regulations
Full Regulatory Compliance
User and Policy Management

Enterprise Management

  • Add, remove, and manage team members easily
  • Access dashboards for product analytics
  • Monitor activities with comprehensive audit logs
Enterprise Management

Frequently asked questions.

Wald is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables businesses to boost employee productivity by providing access to cutting edge AI assistants while ensuring that their confidential data remains safe. Wald helps users get immediate answers to their most complex questions whether it is writing emails, drafting memos and presentations, analyzing documents and even writing code. Wald analyzes every prompt like a human would and determines if it contains confidential data or sensitive intent. If it does, Wald transforms the prompt such that the intent of the user query is retained but redacts all PII and other confidential data before sending it to the assistant. When the assistant provides a response, Wald reinserts the sensitive data so the user gets a ready to go answer.

Security is our top priority. We use state-of-the-art zero trust encryption which means that no one outside your organization can ever access your data, not even Wald employees. Wald ensures that the user and enterprise identity is never revealed to the AI assistants. Wald operates inline to empower users to leverage conversational AI responsibly while minimizing the risk of data leaks. Wald understands not just what information is being leaked but why information is being used and the potential harm if it gets leaked. This way, the focus remains on truly sensitive prompts while keeping everyday tasks flowing smoothly. Striking the right balance between security and usability is key to achieving this goal.

Yes. You can upload unlimited documents like pdfs etc. and ask Wald questions or assign specific tasks to perform like search and summarization. Alternatively you can create a custom Assistant for your project and share it with select colleagues. These documents and custom assistants are hosted privately in Wald infrastructure using zero trust encryption. These encrypted documents are only accessible to users within your organization and no one else.

Wald needs to scan the prompt and make transformations in real time to ensure that no sensitive data is leaked to the assistant of your choice. This process can add minimal latency before we send the prompt to the assistant for a response. Maintaining a seamless user experience is of paramount importance to us and we continue to reduce the latency of processing.

Wald allows you to switch assistants at any time and your entire conversation history (devoid of any confidential data) is provided to the new assistant as context for you to continue your conversation without starting from scratch.

We are seasoned engineering and product leaders from Google, Amazon, Adobe and PayPal; committed to revolutionizing privacy, security, and compliance management in Generative AI.

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