“Secure. Create. Disrupt.
The Future of Enterprise AI is Here.”

Founded in



Silicon Valley USA

Our Vision

Empowering organizations, amplifying potential.

We envision a future where generative AI securely integrates into daily workflows, accessible, affordable, and seamless for all. Fueled by innovation, we strive to safely unlock the power of AI assistants to enrich productivity, foster collaboration, and drive bottom line impact.

Our Team

Led by seasoned engineering and product leaders from tech titans like Google, Amazon, Adobe, and PayPal, we're on a mission to transform the landscape of privacy, security, and compliance management in Generative AI.

United across the globe by our relentless drive to push boundaries, we're redefining how today's enterprise workforce harness the power of LLMs and AIs. Drawing on our extensive expertise in Gen AI, cybersecurity, cryptography, and distributed systems, we're building the next generation of AI systems — reliable, transparent, and ready to shape the future of enterprise innovation.

Founder & CEO

Vinay Goel

Founder & CTO

Ritesh Ahuja

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